Ladies! Soon You Will Get To Choose Share Ride Partners On Uber, Ola


So, women in Delhi will be able to choose their share ride partners on Uber and Ola. According to sources in the Union Transport Ministry, officials will be meeting aggregators to discuss a new option for women opting share rides.

Meeting with Uber and Ola

Dubbed ‘exclusive women pooling’ – the government will soon sit for a meeting with the aggregators. However, an official did say that the plan is one of the options they’re mulling over. In fact, Maneka Gandhi had mooted the idea of giving women passengers the option of choosing. Further, she said that her department will speak with the department of transport.

Moreover, a foolproof plan to track any route diversion by drivers will have to be provided by aggregators. Besides, aggregators were also asked to share standard operating procedures while recruiting drivers.

Isn’t this great? We first read about this here.

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