Drop By This Shop In Chawri Bazaar And Savor The Delish Kuliya Ki Chaat of Old Delhi

Know It All In 30 Seconds

This place hidden in the lanes of Old Delhi, an ultimate street food place in Delhi, is a gem of chawri bazaar’s street food. It serves finger-licking famous kuliya ki chaat , aloo chaat, tikki, pau bhaji and other amah-zing dishes. Check Out!

What To Expect?

This delish fruit kulle filled with boiled chickpeas, spices and garnished with pomegranate seeds on top are just yum-umm to taste. The spicy chutney that is served along with this dish just adds on to its flavor. The freshness of the fruits and the ultimate way with which they are made will defo’ salivate your mouth.

Hira Chaat corner

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What You’ll Love?

Devour this chaat by choosing any four fruits and vegetables(seasonal) at such an affordable price. This thing is a must try if you haven’t already tried it. This style of chaat will be bomb to your mouths fo’sho and a tinch of spice, lemon and chaat masala augments it’s overall taste. Cravin’ already?

kuliya ki chaat

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Bottom Line

If you’re up for some spicy adventure then this chaat will satisfy all your hunger pangs! Rush now

Where | Chawri Bazaar,Delhi

Price for Two | ₹100

Location | Here

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