This Secret Bike Shop Will Restore Your Royal Enfield With A Transcending Touch Of Modernity!

This Secret Bike Shop Will Restore Your Vintage Royal Enfield With A Modern Touch

“The first time you ride an Enfield, you are ***ked for life!” Meet the Bullet Raja of Delhi, Bobbee Singh and take a glance at his venture for the love of  Bullets, Old Delhi Motorcycles. This place is a paradise for all you Bullet lovers in Delhi! The maestros here have been carving Bullet beauties for generations.

30 Second Window:

  • Old Delhi Motorcycles – a restoration workplace started 17 years ago – has been creating vintage models out of Royal Enfields and they are crazy AF! Want to give your Enfields an artistic vintage look? We’ve done the groundwork for you!
  • A clumsy and cluttered place with mechanics in a lane of Old Delhi, this place will shine up your Enfields. Their main customer base includes Americans and Europeans too! The passion that these people have for what they do is awe-inspiring.
  • Bobbee Singh has broken the stigma of being a mechanic in a country like ours. He chose to follow his dreams and now he is BIG!
  • Bobbee Singh’s love for bikes started at a very young age. He used to bring bikes, dismantle them and redesign them with his own ‘Tadka’. Old Delhi Motorcycles is his effort to not let these oldies die who have kept motorcycling in India alive for generations now.
  • Royal Enfield is a bike that has been serving the Indian Army for more than 50 years. What more credibility do we need?
  • Even if you are not a bike enthusiast, a visit to this place will make you one. These people’s heartbeats sync with the dug-dug-dug sound of Royal Enfield! Listening to the stories and watching them put their heart out while they work is an insane experience.

DForDelhi Recommends:

  • To all the bullet rajas of Dilli to breathe the insanity of this place and fall further in love with their Beauties!
  • To definitely meet Lalli ji who’s well known for bike rentals amongst Indians and foreigners and Lambu painter ji who has a thing for Cock Fights! You read that right! Go here and find out more!

Check out their Facebook page for more information here.

C’mon Dilliwalas. Get your darlings out and give them a vintage touch!

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