This Yummilicious Pizza Cone In Noida Will Def Make You Go Crazy!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Can you ever say no to pizza? Can you ever say no to food? Visualizing that thick layer of cheese dripping out of that cone, we can’t wait to gobble down these conical beautiess!

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What To Expect?

Ever had a pizza in a cone? Well scamper over to Cafe Cones and Curries in Noida coz they serve food with a conical twist. These cones come with different fillings and are super convenient to take around.

What You’ll Love?

The fusion of different flavours and cones at this place is just too amazingg and we’re already drooling with joy. All ya foodies gotta try their effort to give familiar dishes a new spin!

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Bottom Line

Grab your friends and head over to this place now!

Where | Sector 62A, Noida

Price for Two | ₹700

Location | Here

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