#LeaveYourManBehind: Ladies! Nehru Place Social Is Hosting A Special Women’s Day Party On 8th!

Nehru Place Social

Hola Ladies! Nehru Place Social – to celebrate Women’s Day – is giving two great offers to all the ladies in town. 1) you party at Social on 8th & you get 30% off on your next visit to Blossom Kocchar. 2) For your ride home or to the after-party 😉 you get 30% off on Uber! You know what this means? It means you can party as hard as you want  ’cause Social has got you covered for everything!

30 Second Window:

  • All you have to do at the party is firstly, #leaveyourmanbehind & secondly #partyhard ’cause the day dedicated to you & nobody else!
  • The other highlight of the event is a specially curated Kingfisher Buzz cocktail menu, the in-house mixologists specially put together for the occasion.
  • So, what are you waiting for girls? #SayWhat ? #LeaveYourManBehind ! That’s what!! Besides, DJ Joshi will be there to play some groovy tunes for you tap your feet on!

Nehru Place Social

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30 Second Window:

  • That you gather your group of closest friends & celebrate you & them in style!!

But in the meanwhile, do check out their Facebook page for more information! You never know when they might up the ante!

When: 8th March

Where: Nehru Place Social

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