This Place In Delhi Serves The Freakiest Monster Waffles!

This Place In Delhi Serves The Freakiest Monster Waffles!

Where | Wood Box Cafe, Hudson Road

Timings | 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

Price for two | Rs 600 ( Approx)

The Wood Box Cafe on Hudson Road is serving the craziest and most mouthwatering monster waffles, and we cannot wait to try them out!

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These chocolatey delights are made by stacking up four waffles with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Once secured they are slathered with choco chips and MORE CHOCOLATE!

Finally, the chocolatey delight is topped with one LARGE donut, Oreos, chocolate slabs, AND EVEN MORE CHOCOLATE!!!

The preparation is completed with a topping of Gems, and two large scoops of ice creams!

So, munch on the crispy waffles, dig into the ice cream, or pick out on the Oreos and Gems, just follow your heart for this freaky indulgence has brought all our favourite things onto one tray!

Can’t wait to get our hands all dirty!

This truly is a HAPPY new year!

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