This Bakery In Gurgaon Let’s You Bake For Self And Teaches You How!

This stunning bakery in Gurgaon allows you to bake for self and teaches you how

Normally we don’t come across concept bakeries! This stunning bakery in Gurgaon allows you to bake for self and teaches you how. Carpedium in Gurgaon offers two mind blowing services – you can bake your own cake & they will teach you how if needed! Nestled in the tight corner streets of sector 14, the premium bakery & patisserie is a proud part of International Institute of Culinary Arts!

30 Second Window:

  • As part of the IICA, Carpedium continuously hosts various workshops. During which the instructors teach bakers the best ways to churn out drool worthy desserts!
  • The highlight of the place is their one of a kind service providing guests the chance to bake their own sinful dessert. And eat it too! Of course, as we mentioned above; if you’re an avid baker & want to learn the craft – they got regular classes going on!
  • Their Red Velvet Cake is a piece of heaven in our mouths, delivering some deliciously amazing flavours worth every penny! And let’s not forget their Chocolate Pudding. That is one concoction to which you can say – “your reputation precedes you!” Damn! Did we mention their Chocolate Orange Fudge? Have you tried it?
  • Bet you there’s no better Fudge you’ve had in a long time. Believe us, or not, this is one bake you must get your hands on! For better or worse, it will make you forget every other bake you’ve tried elsewhere!
  • Ps. these guys take note of every guest tat walks in! So, if at all you prefer egg less cakes, they have that too! And let’s not forget their sour bread, that actually tastes good with melting chocolate cakes. These can bake cakes of any size & weight, just choose your design!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • A quick look into their always open kitchen! That’s where the magic happens, that’s where they teach you the required skills to be the next master baker.

And in while you’re on your way to the bakery, do check out their Facebook page here.

Sneak Peak | SCO 94, Huda Market, Sector 14, Gurgaon

And Pay | ₹200

Google Maps | Click Here

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