Places In Delhi Where You Can Buy Second Hand Books From

All book lovers would know the trouble of saving up your pocket money to buy a new book at the end of the month. In such cases, second-hand bookstores are nothing short of a miracle!

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Buying a book off the streets has a charm of its own; we’re sure book-lovers will agree. Plus they’re cheap. But how many such treasure troves of old books in Delhi do you know of? Here is a list of some second-hand bookstores in Delhi that are sure going to become your second home.

I. Daryaganj Market

Every Sunday you can see several vendors with thousands of books on the street near Golcha Cinema. You get all the best sellers in the range of INR 80-250. Daryaganj is also famous for its Big Bazar shop, that sells novels by kilos. You can get books for INR 100, INR 150 and INR 200 per kilogram. Also, you can return your book and take another one home for your love of reading.

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II. Janpath

Right in the middle of this market, there is a little Shop on the right. Novels here are priced exactly half of the printed MRP.  It’s a little hard to bargain here, so don’t leave the store without buying your book. You can also check out New Book Land in Janpath for both new and old books.

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III. Kamla Nagar

Kamla Nagar is a famous spot for book lovers to get novels of their choice.  You can spot several vendors with their books on Bungalow Road with the latest collection. You can get your book ranging from INR 80 to INR 250. But, don’t forget to bargain, they eventually come down to the price that you offer.

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IV. Paharganj Market

In this market, you can find books for children, magazines, and novels.  Everything here is in the range of INR 20 to INR 20o. But you will need to bargain for the right price of the book.

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V. Shankar Market

The famous bookshop, Ram Gopal Sharma & Sons, is located in this market and has got the best of all times in the store. You can get Stephen King and John Grisham at an unbelievable price of INR 100, INR 150 and INR 200. Rest of them are half the MRP.

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Now you won’t have to think twice before filling in your shopping bag with the year’s best-sellers!

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