Popular Murthal Dhabas To Be Torn Down By Municipal Body

Popular Murthal Dhabas To Be Torn Down By Municipal Body

Murthal is a name that is synonymous with long drives and amazing parathas for us Delhiites. But to all our dismays, all the popular dhabas at Murthal could be destroyed due to illegal construction and change of land use permit. WHAT?!

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According to the officials, these dhabas constructed in the controlled area were issued notices by the Municipal Corporation in October, following which their owners had requested time to complete documents or pay the fine. The administration gave them a time of over two weeks which is now over and action against the dhabas will most likely be taken soon.

Around 157 dhabas along National Highway 1 in Murthal and Rai could be destroyed for illegal construction. Some of these dhabas include, Gulshan Dhaba, Royal Murthal Dhaba, Amritsari Dhaba, and Pahalwan Dhaba.

These dhabas at Murthal used to be our favourite pitstop while going out of Delhi. But this news is going to make every Sukhdev lover very sad.

Well, it will be a huge loss for us if these dhabas are destroyed! So let us all keep our fingers crossed and hope for everything to go down well.

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