Head To Potet For A Fry(Ful) Party To Kick Start New Year’s Eve


Potet @ The Junction has surprisingly become the biggest news in town. Especially, with their multi themed parties centred around their main affair with fries! Yet again, the fries’ house has come to your fry(ful) rescue with a New Year’s Eve party!

30 Second Window:

  • Potet @ The Junction is hosting a party on 30th December to kick start New Year’s Eve with a bang!
  • The main affair of the event will, of course, be fries. But we’ve got it on good authority that they will also be offering a variety of beer to chug down those fries!

So, they are obviously looking at the entire event from a very well balanced diet point of view! Seriously, what better way to chug down those decadent fries but with beer, eh?

Where: Potet, The Junction, Hauz Khas

When: 30th December 04:00 pm – 31st December 12:00 am

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