If You Are An Avid Reader & A Theatre Enthusiast, You Cannot Afford To Miss This Play


When was the last time any one of us went to watch an internationally acclaimed play? ‘Skylight’ an adaptation of David Hare’s iconic 1995 play, directed by Deepa Dharmadhikari, is a collaborative effort by Samar Sarila & Vidushi Mehra.

The two not just star in the play but were also the creative duo who were convinced that India deserves to witness the revival of the play. ‘Skylight’ has previously touched the hearts of audiences in the West & is socially and emotionally relevant even today.

The story & script was written by David Hare and its first performance premiered in the West End at the Cottesloe Theatre, London in 1995. After winning over hearts & appreciation there, Skylight soon premiered in New York City to critical and commercial success. Since then, Skylight has been adapted in several productions over the years with its most recent and notable revival being the 2015 Broadway adaptation starring Carry Mulligan and Bill Nighy.

In its first Indian revival, Skylight will be brought to life especially for Indian audiences in the creatively designed performance space of Oddbird Theatre aided by a minimalist set design and stellar acting performances.


Food For Thought:

  • What if art imitated life? Skylight is a unique look at relationships, politics and the society we live in with its distinctiveness lying in its relevance even today.
  • A one of a kind story that will alter your attitude towards life and its many complexities, Skylight is a heartfelt and often humorous account of two lovers bound together by a shared passion but divided by conflicting ideologies.


A schoolteacher, Kyra Hollis, is visited by her ex-lover, a rich restaurateur, Tom Sergeant on a cold London evening in her apartment. Having nothing in common that would usually make for a fine romance, what follows is an unexpected reunion which sees the two former lovers discuss matters of the heart in a passionate and amusing attempt at reconciliation. Separated in age and attitude, it’s best to not get them started on politics or even cooking! As the night progresses, an entertaining battle between their opposing ideologies and mutual desires ensues involving among other things the debated preparation of pasta and flinging of cutlery.

When: 7th to 9th December 2016

Where: Oddbird Theatre & Foundation, Dhan Mill Compound, 100 Feet Road, Chattarpur, New Delhi – 110074

Time: 8 p.m. onwards

Ticket Price: INR 700

For Tickets Contact: 08376953084

For Directions: Click Here

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