Quaint, off beat places to visit in Delhi

It’s true that at some point or the other we have all cancelled our plans for an outing or a picnic because of the sheer number of times we’ve visited those popular spots. And more often than not, the day is spent in that same mall you go to everytime. But now, for the next time you wake up all energetic and ready to explore, these are some off-beat, lesser known places in delhi you should definitely visit..be it for a picnic, a date or just to find a new place to finish your homework they are perfect!

Old Fort or Purana Quila

Although it is a pretty well-known monument in Delhi it’s usually not visited by many. The fort as the name suggest is quite old, and it has its lesser known perks. There are spots ideal for picnics roughly every 10-20 meters, these can be benches, seats picturesquely placed below trees and beside the running track that covers the whole area. Plus it’s a great place for students trying to get some work done (History assignments are easier to get done here than ever!). And then of course there’s the boating area and the zoo.


Crafts Museum

I know I know, it sounds like a boring formal museum-museum, and who’d want to spend their day in such a place for no reason?! But hold your horses…it’s the most unusual museum ever. Particularly one to hang around in. The “folk” themed ambience is soothing and if you are lucky you might even get to learn some Madhubani or hear some folk songs performed by artists, who visit from time to time. Besides that the place has within its boundaries parks, which are wonderful peaceful places for picnics on lazy Sunday evenings.

Connaught Place Central Park

CP is known to every Delhiite , but only a few realise that it is just as fun on non rahagiri days too. Delhi’s very own Central Park, above Pallika Bazaar. This place doesn’t offer much in terms of specialities, besides of course the scenery and clothes, bags, shoes and whatnot at extremely flexible rates ( if you know what I mean 😉 ) all around. This is the perfect mixture of Old meets the New, the colonial architecture embellished by what the new brands have done to it. It’s a view that makes one ponder (IF they pay attention to it).


Lodhi Garden

This location has been etched in my brain, as it was an annual (and then some) part of my school life. The winding tracks are confusing but at the same time great fun to explore. The lake is quite dirty, but the fauna offers quacking company. If you are a little crazy and not too worried about being judged by most, you must try rolling down the small hills. The experience is irreplaceable. The locale also offers benches, shady spots below trees and cosy corners in the monuments. Personal tip: avoid the place after sunset and if you are a morning person, you might spot some big people (symbolic and literal).

Mandi House Round-about

This location and the area that surrounds it, is perfect for performing arts and art enthusiasts. With NSD and SRC students practising their dialogues, sometimes even acting out whole scenes of their latest productions and sculptures that add a touch a of “Art” and “Class”, also attracting painters and sketchers to seek inspiration, it is a completely different atmosphere. Hang around and you might just be asked to be someone’s muse. And while you’re there you should try this small petty shop outside Himachal Bhawan which offers delicious apple and litchi juice for the princely sum of 20 rupees, and its fresh!

Safdarjung Tomb

This is the Mughlai alcove I turn to when I can’t go on a road trip. The location makes a photographers fingers itch and to the simpleton it restores hope that “maybe history isn’t that boring after all..they did build pretty cool stuff ”. The sandstone benches around the gardens are the best seats in the house to admire the monument’s scenic beauty. Also, when you are there, don’t forget to take a peek at the madrasa next door. That’s definitely not something you find everywhere.


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