Top 10 Delhi’s Accident Hot Spots

As Delhi is the capital of India, most of the industries are there to provide employment to the people and many famous monuments are also there. Due to this reason people from different regions used to go there and settle their only which increases the population of Delhi. By this increased population, danger of accidents also increases. Traffic cops of Delhi identified most of the places spotted as accident prone area. These places are marked as accident prone due to some bad design and increased traffic. Below are Top 10 Delhi’s Accident Hot Spots.

1. Ashram Chowk 

It is situated on the south-east corner of Delhi Ring Road and designed as crossways. It mainly intersects the Ring road and Mathura road from the ITO crossing, Pragati Maidan, the Supreme Court, Nizamuddin Mosque, Purana Kila and Faridabad border also.

2. Shastri Park Crossing

It is one of the most dangerous area to cross from one side to other as vehicles are running thoroughly with high speeds.

3. Sarai Kale Khan

It is the former and local village but now known as for Sarai Kale Khan Bus Terminals and HazratNizamuddin Railway station. The area is also connected with Ring road and due to heavy traffic it is marked as accident prone area.

4. Punjabi Bagh crossing 

It is a crossover connected with National Highway 10, Ring road and Mahatma Gandhi road with so much traffic round the clock.

5. Shakarpur Chungi Crossing

The crossing is situated at the Sikarpurchungi which seems to be a small area but much traffic.

6. Hanuman Mandir Chowk

The Chowk is situated at Connaught place with a big statue of Hindu god (Hanuman ji) beside the road. Many roads are connected on a circle which causes so much traffic at an instance.

7. Moti Nagar chowk

It is situated at Motinagar near to the office of remote tech support firm which is also known as Technical Support Today and the famous Jhulelal Mandir.

8. Britannia Chowk

The chowk is situated with places named asShahdara, loninadtornica city. It is connected with the highway and ring road/Mahatma Gandhi Marg which is having so much traffic on it. The design is also not as good to tolerate the heavy traffic due to which many accidents takes place her.

9. Nigambodh Ghat Chowk

Nigambodh Ghat chowk is a medium sized area situated on the banks of Yamuna river coast and is connected with Ring road at the back of historic Red Fort.

10. Mukundpur Chowk 

It is situated at Mukundpur and connected with Dr. KB Hedgewarmarg (outer ring road) which is an all time running road.

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