Solar Update! Rajghat Thermal Plant To Turn Into A Solar Park Soon

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Delhi Government is planning to convert the 45-acre Rajghat thermal plant site to a solar park, to harness the potential of solar energy for catering to the ever-increasing power demand in the city. The power demand in Delhi has shot up to an overwhelming 7409 MW this year, which is greater than the combined power requirement of some other metropolitan cities.

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The Rajghat power plant was installed in 1951, after independence, with a power capacity of 5MW. The capacity went up to 135MW in 1989. However, with the rising levels of pollution and increased depletion of fossil fuels, there has been a steady surge in the usage of renewable energy. The power department had targeted to introduce a solar capacity of 150MW in the city by December 2018, out of which 118 MW has already been achieved.

The coal-fired thermal power plant in Rajghat, which has been dormant since 2014, will be officially shut down to start off with the spadework of the upcoming 5000KW solar park in the area.

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Shift to solar power from non-renewable energy sources will not only slash down power costs in the city but will also pave the way for a cleaner, pollution-free environment.

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