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If you take pride in being called a bookworm, if you crave discussing a book with someone after having read it, if you feel like you need to share your ideas for your new book, think no further and join a book club. A book club is open to anyone who has a passion for reading, be it young or old, a newbie at reading or a bibliophile; everyone is invited. You will find yourself meeting fellow readers regularly, to discuss interpretations about a book and having a good time (at least that is what most voracious readers define ‘good time’ as). To give you a start, here are some book clubs you can join.

1. Delhi BYOB (Bring your own book)

This book club is different than most, members here discuss the book of their choice and exchange books with each other. Started by Nidhi Srivastava (who calls herself the ‘Lord of Bookworms’), it mandatory to enter this club with a book you have read or find yourself sponsoring food for the meeting. The members meet at a pre-decided place and time to discuss the book they has just finished reading, book are exchanged and of course there is snacks! After a successful run at Delhi, BYOB has also started chapters at Mumbai, Bangalore and Kochi. You can sign up and read more about the club here


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2. Delhi Book Lovers

Founded by Kunal Gupta, a Management Post Graduate, DBL is home to a heterogeneous mix of readers. With a whooping count of over 2500 members, this club is possibly the largest book club in Delhi. Apart from discussing books, they go an extra mile by organizing writing workshops, book release events, debate competitions and literature festivals. It is their mission to spread literature in an innovative way and provide a platform for aspiring authors. The club provides a perfect opportunity to make new acquaintances and friends over a cup of coffee.

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3. Novel Ideas

Started by Sunil Sharma, an investment banker, Novel Ideas has 710 registered members who are mostly aged between 20 to 40 years. The motto of this group is to have a fun time while intellectually stimulating discussions on books, politics, religion and all the other topics out there. The members meet on alternate Saturdays from 4-6 pm at book stores or at coffee shops/ restaurants around M.G. Road area in Gurgaon.

You can know about their upcoming meets here


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4. Reading Caterpillar

Reading Caterpillar is an exclusive book club and library for children up to 11 years of age; the purpose of this club is to inculcate playfully the habit of reading in children at an early age. Rabani Garg, a Delhi-based mother, started this club for her children and their friends back in 2009 with a couple hundred of books; after 7 years, the library boasts of over 4500 children books. Besides reading sessions, the club conducts several other activities like origami art, drawing, painting and workshops for children of various age groups. Saturday is parent’s day at Reading Caterpillar where parents read and spend time along with the children. Reading Caterpillar is located at Nizamuddin West and is open on Mon-Fri from 10:30-6:30.

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5. Talking books in Delhi

The description of this club reads as ‘Like-minded people seeing Delhi through their dreamy eyes’. Founded by ‘Abhyudaya Srivastava’ (man these Srivastavas love reading :P) in November 2014, the members of this club like to find new places to eat and drink while discussing their books. They meet at malls, parks, bookstores or food joints to have their timely dose of book.

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6. Delhi Book Club

Instead of meeting at coffee shops, the members of Delhi Book Club take turns to host meeting at their houses. A unique and interesting thing about this group is that the host has to dress up like the characters in his/her book and has to act out the story to the other members. Additionally, the members have debates about their takes on the novel or book selected. The members meet once every month, Friday or Saturday, 8pm onwards.

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7. Book and Movie Club

You like reading books, but yet do you wait for the movie based on your favourite book? If your answer to this question is yes, then you surely will make some great friends (probably buddy movie-goers too) at the Book and Movie Club. This group attracts bibliophiles and cinephiles alike from Delhi and Noida. Books still remain the centre of discussions of the meets, however every once in a while movies are discussed too. The group meets on second Saturdays of each month from 12 to 2pm usually at cafes.

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