Kohler Is Bringing New Shades Of Modernism To India Design

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Luxury design week – India Design 2019 showcased the best of Indian designers from all over the country. Kohler is painting the urban class with new shades of their modernism. They brought technology, design, and luxury to the one place in our homes where we are the most creative. Our washrooms. It’s a shrine of ideas and creativity, and Kohler aims at making this space a reflection of our true selves.

What’s It About?

India Design ID is the country’s best luxury design week which covers niche new launches, exclusive showcases, signature collections, stunning installations, and personalized walkthroughs. This year they brought 135 exhibitors from India and across the globe under one roof.

The Kohler pavilion is being designed by the award-winning Visarg studio and will display products ranging from Artifacts and Component Faucets, artist editions like Dutchmaster, Marrakesh, Derring, Gilded Meadow, and Veil Intelligent Toilet. Alongside, state-of-the-art and innovative new products, India Inspired colors, and the world’s most-advanced toilet was also put on display. 

For a company that has believed in staying at the leading edge of design and technology for over 145 years building a close relationship with the design, the fraternity is very important. At Kohler, technology meets art. The amalgamation redefines innovation with its designs that have concepts of both maximalism and minimalism. Off-white and white designs inspired by a minimalistic lifestyle and the shades of maximalism were inspired by the national bird peacock. 

Bottom Line

Kohler is one of the leading edges of design technology today. The showcase at ID 2019 was modern with tones of minimalism and maximalism strategically designed by Theresa Millard and Bikram Mitra. The bottom line is that your creative space in your home must be as luxurious and vivid as your ideas. This is where Kohler steps in and makes those dreams a reality. Experience the future at ID this year.

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