Get Hoppy! Delhi Will Soon Welcome It’s First Ever Microbrewery.

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Delhi is all set to get its first EVER microbrewery and we are more stoked than ever. No more driving back and forth to Gurgaon for a glass of freshly brewed beer. The brewery is set to open in the heart of the city. Read on to know more!

What’s It All About?

While you might have read or heard about the big news a long time ago, you must be wondering why you still can’t get a hold of a microbrewery in Delhi. But worry not, Delhi has been taking its time to bring up the best of its services for you. The center had notified restaurants that such microbreweries can only brew upto 500 liters of beer a day and must install on-site wastewater treatment facilities.

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We are thanking the beer gods that this news has come just in time! The weather is starting to get warmer and we all know how dreadful the summer is going to get. So being able to enjoy a glass of chilled beer while not having to travel all the way to Gurgaon is a win-win situation.

The government has granted access to Ministry Of Beer to have its own microbrewery in its outlet in CP! Yes, you read that right.

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Now all we hope is that they start serving their classics and specials to us soon so we can chug on them on weekends! The dates aren’t out yet, but you will hear it from us first. Keep an eye out for details, and grab the opportunity when the clock strikes.

Where | Outer Connaught Circus M-44 Connaught Circus Road, Near, Rajdhani Service Station, Shankar Market, Block M, Connaught Place

Location | Click Here

Contact | 08800012060

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