Reebok’s Official Training Run For Pinkathon This Sunday @ Select CITYWALK!

Your Sundays will never be the same again! Reebok is hosting its official training run for Pinkathon! For a fitter 2017, Reebok is helping us run like the wind to catch up with our health. Starting early in the morning, the promotional run for the Pinkathon will be high on energy with some amazing food, a 10K and 5K run & of course, some delicious refreshments too!

30 Second Window:

  • So, instead of urging you to get fit, let us just tell you the awesome schedule Reebok has planned for you! At least that way fatigue won’t hit you early.
  • But please do understand this – it’s not just the races that will give you a high, it’s also the store shoe trials that will drive you nuts!
  • We hear that Reebok will also be hosting a body analysis activity, so you know exactly how you need to work out for a fitter 2017!
  • So, without further ado, here’s schedule for tomorrow –



5.30 am to 6.20 am

Reporting & bib collection @ Reebok Store

5.30 am

Emcee to start the show – engage with runners

5.30 am

Feel the Floatride Zone will be open to consumers

6.10 am to 6.25 am

Warm Up my Reebok trainer – Shiba Mehra

6.30 am

10K Race Start

6.35 am / 6.40 am

5K Race Start

7.05 am

Winners expected to finish

7.05 am onwards

Refreshment Counters start


DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you take out time tomorrow and run like the wind! It’s for your health and there’s no way you should compromise on it.
  • So, sleep early today, wake up on time tomorrow and don’t forget to keep your goal for a healthy lifestyle in mind the entire time!

For more deets, do check out Select CITYWALK‘s Facebook page!

Location | Select CITYWALK

When | Tomorrow

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