Roots, Rock & Reggae | This South Delhi Cafe Is Making Some Serious Noise


BFR Sound System aka Bass Foundation Roots Sound System isĀ one of only two Jamaican style hand built reggae sound systems in all of South Asia. And Blue Tokai Roasters has finally brought this bass heavy sound system to Delhi after a glorious few days at the Magnetic Fields Festival! A traditional Jamaican system lends immense power to the music and has the ability to literally vibrate bodies and objects in its surrounding. So, let’s check out what the fuss is all about!

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30 Second Window:

  • BFR SOUND SYSTEM is owned and operated by Indian reggae artists Delhi Sultanate & Begum X (aka Samara Chopra). Both the artists are widely known both for their Reggae music & Jazzy tunes!
  • Past events with the sound system included a marathon dance session for up to 5 hours with non stop music. Which was something that both young and old let lose to and move.
  • The two music troupes are simply the best & most mesmerising reggae & jazz music playing bands in Delhi. Best known for their classic tunes, these guys have been roll out music like water!

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  • That you give your ears the time of their lobes with a sound system that breaks barriers with its bass heavy power packing speakers & music!

In the meanwhile, do check out their Facebook event page for more information!

When: 8th April

Where: Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, Saket

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