Satiate Your Italiano Desi Cravings By Hoppin’ To This New Popeye Themed Cafe In Town!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

This blog post is especially for all the 90s’ kids out there. Were you a big fan of Popeye the sailor? Well, we have something to satisfy your childhood wala nostalgia’. There’s a Popeye and Olive Cafe in Noida which is totally based on our beloved cartoon show. And you know what? This brand new cafe does the best Italian food in town (say whaaatttt)!

oreo shake

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What To Expect?

Dig in your folks into that scrumptious bowl of white sauce pasta, alfredo pasta, and peri-peri chicken. The regulars swear by Oreo Shake, Chicken Pizza, Cheese Sandwich. Ain’t you havin’ foodgasm? Well, wipe off and read on!

peri peri chicken

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What You’ll Love?

Do you always reckon to update your Instagram with delish-looking food? This place will come in handy with their 10/10 presentation. *CHEERS* Also, the prices won’t make you worry about the rest of the month.

Bottom Line

Go and walk on the trail of your childhood memories!

Where | Baba Balgiri Mandir Road, Sadarpur, Sector-45, Noida

Price | ₹500 for two people

Location | Here

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