Score Bubbly Waffles Startin’ INR 150 At North Campus’ New Waffle Joint!

Where | G24AB, Hudson Lane, Vijay Nagar

Price For Two | INR 250

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Even the cold weather outside can’t stop us from hogging on bewitching waffles and you should join us! Vijay Nagar in North Campus has a brand new waffle joint and it’s absolutely smashing! The texture of waffles, its aftertaste & the crunch along with a delish scoop of ice cream – their waffles are a heavenly affair! And we’re gasping for more!! 😛

Waffle Nation in Vijay Nagar is a smashing new place that offers waffles at an amicable price. Of course, even though the price for waffles is at a whopping low here, the waffles themselves are aces in our book! In fact, with enough drool worthy toppings – the waffles alone can melt your soul to a gooey mush! 😉

The punch of flavours each of their waffle plate carries is an absolute heavenly scoop of dessert! In fact, every person that walks through their doors is almost always left bamboozled. Drooling for more?

Waffle Nation also offers various other kinds of waffles startin’ INR 80! This along with a plate of their Cheesy Fries & Kit Kat Break Shake – welcome to THE DESSERT HEAVEN!

Care for another bite? Join us ya’ll!

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