Signature Startup Masterclass with Arunabh Kumar

signature startup

Finding your passion is one thing, following it is another. Signature StartUp Masterclass offers a unique opportunity to those who want to follow their passion and make a mark for themselves.

Signature Start Up Masterclass is a celebration of real life success stories and is in Gurgaon on 8th June, 2016 at Imperfecto. The founder of The Viral Fever, Arunabh Kumar will share his journey of how an engineer from IIT Kharagpur who is responsible for creating some of India’s most entertaining digital content.

Signature StartUp


Signature Start Up Masterclass will be a unique platform for all passionate individuals who are looking for the right inspiration and guidance, and will give them an opportunity to hear and network with their icons sharing their personal stories on turning their passion into paycheck.

In Gurgaon the very witty and quirky Cyrus Sahukar will be the host for the evening and the band PCRC will liven up the evening with gypsy music.

Signature Start Up Masterclass are being conducted across 10 cities and feature speakers like Vir Das-Comedian, Amish -Author, Shiva Trilogy, Ankur Tewari – the musician amongst others who have moved away from a conventional career path and stood out owing to the success they witnessed while doing what they love. Signature StartUp

You can buy the tickets for the Signature Startup Masterclass at Rs. 300 each from

Signature Startup Masterclass with Arunabh Kumar, Founder TVF Qtiyapa.

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