Pearl Academy Celebrated A New Age Of Fashion Forward Statements Made This Year!



Pearl Academy is amongst the leading universal institutes in design, fashion and creative business education. The academy has completed more than two decades of empowering ingenious minds. Since its foundation in 1993, the Pearl Academy has evolved into a globally prominent establishment of higher learning with a spotlight on Internationalism; entrepreneurship and employ ability. The academy has been catering to the ongoing needs of the design, fashion, business and retail industry.

Pearl Academy is a forge in the Indian market, combining hybrid blended learning and real time lectures in a structured manner, thus making learning more effective and engaging for their pupils. There’s a stigma attached to such organizations that they just offer fashion and design courses, but if we look deeper into this and care to know more about the academy, we realise that Pearl offers more than 30 different courses including advertisement, fashion, design, communication, marketing and what not. This academy isn’t only about learning fashion; they’ve got more to offer. Students here are taught phenomenal entrepreneurial skills and how to take up businesses.

The Pearl alumni network is a strong web and students can be seen doing wonders across the globe in whatever field they’ve taken up. With Pearl Academy as base, students have been enrolled into some of the most prestigious universities and organisations of the world, Parsons School of Design and London School of Design are just to name a few.

Pearl has been ranked as the Best Design Institute in India 2016 by ASSOCHAM, ranked No. 2 by India Today-Nielsen survey in 2015 and 2nd Best Design School (National) 2015 and 2nd Best Fashion School (National) 2014 by Edutainment Awards. For academics, the organisation has been ranked Number 1 by Hindustan Times as an institute in India for ‘Pedagogic Procedures and Processes’ (2010) and Number 1 in ‘Competence of Faculty’ (2009).

We just came across the #IAmPearl campaign by the faculty, alumni and students of the academy and it seems like a bold step towards creating the Pearl awareness. With the Instagram and Twitter campaign #IAmPearl the foundation wants to acknowledge and rejoice the diverse community of free-thinkers. The mission of the campaign is to showcase how the academy has been so active in breaking the prevalent stereotypes and how they are continuously challenging the definitions of ‘possible’. This campaign isn’t about Pearl Academy alone, it’s about the dogma they represent and follow.

The #IAmPearl campaign tells us how the academy has sharpened every student’s personality and moulded them better to become successful individuals. The campaign went live on 5th September with videos from faculty followed by participation from students and alumni. The internet is going viral with the #IAmPearl and it gives us immense pleasure to bring this to the gentry’s notice.

A snippet from one of the video scripts is as follows:

‘I live fashion & design

I break stereotypes

I love pink

I am eternal learner

I am a teacher

I am Pearl’

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