Delhi revealed through the words of Personalities

Delhi has never been away from the eyes of its admirers, for this is not any whimsical wonderland but a city of multi layered experiences. From the quaint  serpentine alleys of chandni chowk to the colossal expanses around Lutyens Delhi, a moment went sipping a simmering cup of tea under moolchand flyover to the beverage’s distinctively elite siblings in an opulent café in saket, the calm of safadarjung tomb to the madness of a rock event in JLN stadium, Delhi never fails to disarm.

I recently came across an excerpt from the book ‘Eat Pray Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert, where she was told that every city can be summed up in one word. It’s the essence of the entire place that is conveyed through a single worded metaphoric notion. I got quite fascinated by how she referred New York in one word as ACHIEVE, Rome as SEX, Los Angeles as SUCCEED further to contemplate a word that defines her own being.

If the same goes for Delhi it would be ‘LOVE’ that takes the hold.

Love lingers in the air (I am aware of the quality of air though..:P), but on a micro level it’s the melody of romance that gets waken up everyday with the sun only to never sleep with it with the dawn. It blossoms behind the roses in our mystical monuments, it beams on our faces following an awesome conversation with a complete stranger on metro, it echoes in the soul stirring shayari of Ghalib, Mir and Mushafi, and is certainly revealed through our eternal obsession with food  …and many more endless stances which I am too lazy to cull out here. (procrastination alert..!)

While not digressing it too much, we at DforDelhi now brings to you a collection of quotes by famous personalities, narrating their vivid experiences in a nutshell. It might hint at proving me right, or wrong or skeptic of any, who cares.

Do we Delhiites ever care for validation?











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