Single Women Branded ‘Crusaders Of Prostitution’ In Gurgaon!

In another horrifying incident, a young lady’s friend was accused of supporting prostitution in Gurgaon. The incident took place late in the evening at Essel Tower in Gurugram.

Evidently, the ‘single women’ were labelled ‘prostitutes’ on 5th August night. A group of residents started moral policing the young people in the middle of the night. And here’s what happened.

The group of people said single men and women cannot mix around with the opposite sex. The youngsters were branded ‘crusaders of prostitution’ and were treated in an uncomfortable manner. One person asked for the lady’s landlord’s number. He said that he would call the landlord and tell the person that the young lot were supporting prostitution.

Here’s what the lady who posted about the incident had to say on Facebook –

This comes after a shocking surprise when a young girl was molested in HKV late in the night by a car full of unruly boys. Read the full story here.

You can read the detailed story on the Essel Tower caseĀ here.

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