Curb The Despresso With Sleepy Owl Coffee

Sleepy Owl Coffee

Sleepy Owl Coffee, Delhi’s famous online coffee portal has some beautifully brewed cold coffee that they sell off their website. What separates peeps at Sleepy Owl Coffee from the rest is that they brew 100% fresh coffee that stays fresh for 4 weeks. These masters of coffee use superior single origin beans sourced from Karnataka to ensure we get the best coffee experience!

30 Second Window:

  • The roasters at Sleepy Owl Coffee steep the freshly roasted single origin beans in cold water for over 20 hours.
  • Since they never expose the brew to heat, the process brings out the tastiest flavour notes in each batch.
  • Cold brewing ensures the end result is a smooth & refreshing drink unlike when coffee is brewed with hot water.

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you give their coffee mania offers like the Cold Brew Box a try. Imagine this – a cardboard box with a tap to pour coffee, holds your glasses of soul teasing drink that stays fresh up to 4 weeks inside the fridge!!
  • You keep the box with yourself at all times since it can serve up to 10-12 glasses in one mighty swing of the coffee beans within. ‘Cause you know, going nuts is just to coffeelicious!

Sleepy Owl Coffee


So, while your eyes are still glued to your mobile phones, check out their Website & their Facebook page for more information!

Price For Cold Brew Coffee Box: INR 550

Images Source: Sleepy Owl Coffee

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