Sling Bag @₹75! Rush To This Wholesale Market In Sadar Bazaar!

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Bags are our favorite essentials! Do you also have a thing for bags as we do? Well, we have Asia’s biggest market as an answer to your questions. Nabi Kareem in Sadar Bazaar is one of the best markets in the world and we are here to give you an overview of it. Thank us later!

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What to Expect?

The whacking variety of bags make Nabi Kareem as the most distinguished market. From tote to duffle to laptop bag, you just call for it and they have it! The story doesn’t end here, talking about the cheap prices, it starts from ₹50 and goes up to ₹1000! Is’nt it exciting?

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What You’ll Love?

This wholesale market is obviously dedicated to all the wholesalers but some of em’ also sell single pieces at wholesale rates. If we have to name a few – Gulshan bags, Kim baghouse, and Deepmala purse emporium are some to deal with.

Bottom Line

Take your huge bag and fill it up with more of its kind as this market has a lot to offer.

Where | Nabi Kareem, New Delhi

Location | Here

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