Women & Children Can Now Pee For Free At South Delhi Restaurants!

South Delhi restaurants

The directive by the SDMC, starting May 1, is a reason for cheer! Women & children will now get free access to all South Delhi restaurants’ washrooms. Women across the city are happy that the order has come. Because now they won’t have to face the embarrassment of being refused the use of a washroom!

30 Second Window:

  • While the municipality has mandated the order on all restaurants across South Delhi, property owners across the district have shown no interest in this new venture.
  • According to many owners the move will violate their basic right of ‘right to admission’. And also create certain security issues since anybody will be able to enter the various properties, without any hesitation.
  • However, the municipality believes that this move will ensure safe and clean public toilets’ options for women & children. The move will cover more than 4,000 washrooms across South Delhi!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That the next time any of you ladies wish to use the washroom, go ahead use the ones provided at restaurants across the south district!

How do you feel about this move, Delhi?

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