Still Looking For Free Wi-Fi Spots In The City? Shoot To These Places Now!

Still Looking For Free Wi-fi Spots In The City? Shoot To These Places Now!

We often find ourselves struggling for 4G reception. And at one point in time, it becomes extremely annoying! *Ughh* But people! Stop the struggle today and shoot to these places as they’re ‘free Wi-Fi zones’ in the city!

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Sector 29, Gurugram

This place is a food hub, visited by A LOT of people everyday. No matter at what point in time you’re there, the market is always crowded. The place brings to you 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi browsing. Find a cozy spot and log in to Airtel MCD connect and browse away!

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IGI Airport

This place is meant for all you early birds! If you’re one of us, who reaches the airport way before their flight, then you can enjoy 40 minutes of free Wi-Fi browsing. The facility is available at T1 &T3. Just connect to Tata Docomo Wi-Fi and it’ll direct you to a page where you register your mobile number & email address.

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SDA Market

Situated opposite to IIT Delhi, SDA market known to house all new cafes in town! Though most of the cafes there provide you with free Wi-Fi, but how about grabbing a plate of hot momos on a bright winter morning and browsing through free Wi-Fi? Feels? Yaassss!!

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DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj

Promenade is one of the most celebrated shopping destinations in Delhi. And having internet reception there is very essential. So the moment you enter the mall, connect to SHOUUT network and you can enjoy free internet access. The moment you log in, you’ll be asked for your mobile number and e-mail. Fill in the details and make the most of the free Wi-Fi.

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Stop the struggle people and visit these places today!! 😀

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