#StreetFoodDiaries : A Day In The Belly Of A Delhite

Street Food

Food. Who doesn’t love food? Everyone absolutely loves to eat. The icing on the cake is we NEED to eat to survive. The cherry on top is that we have an enormous & very diverse variety of foods to choose from!

30 Second Window:

  • On an average, every Delhite eats off a street vendor‘s stall at least twice a week. Either it is post work munchies or a regular case of the munchies.
  • Food is easily available to us & we wished to make available a list of some of our favourite places to eat at.

I. So, let’s start out with something basic, yet mouth-watering. Gol Gappas. We like to consider them a light snack, although they often replace then nightly dinner.


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The best place to have Gol Gappas has got to be the small vendor in Malviya Nagar Main Market, called Shri Ram Sweet Corner. They serve a plate of 6 Gol Gappas for INR 30. This taste bomb of a plate hits all the right notes with your tongue serving a hint of spice & topped with thoda meethas!

II. Next, let us move to a food item that has replaced Maggi as the staple food. Momos.

Street Food

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The best place to eat momos and have a good time is Hawkers @ B-1, Vasant Kunj. The master cooks have a variety of momos to choose from – the classic steamed, crispy fried & pan-fried. Guests also have something from the a menu that mostly specialises in Chinese Cuisine. This is a must visit if you live in South Delhi!

III. Since we’re done with the starters, let’s move on to the main course. Who doesn’t love Chhole Bhature? C’mon now, don’t be shy! Chhole bhature is absolute love! And more often than not, we’re left with zero space for any sweet dish.

Street Food

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The best place that we’ve savours this blessing on mankind is Anand @ Lajpat Nagar Market. This guy gives big dollops of chhole with the fluffiest bhature in town! Anand is always swamped with an ever buzzing crowd! Whilst eating, worry not about getting an extra serving of the chhole because it’s on the house! Do visit this joint the next time you go shopping for that cousin’s friend’s wedding!

IV. Another great creation to munch on – Tikkas and Kebabs!

Street Food

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Only one name comes to mind, Khan Chacha! The wide variety of tikkas, kebabs, and rolls to choose from will make you salivate to no end! There are various main course dishes, too. But we simply love visiting chacha for an evening snack. Don’t forget to order the Chicken Malai Tikka, a plate of Galauti Kebabs and a few Roomali Rotis.

V. Lastly,  we would like to conclude with our favourite!

Laxman dhaba

If you’re ever starving and feeling close to broke, this place is your temple! It’s clean, affordable and serves really tasty food! Laxman Dhaba (Laxman Fast Food Restaurant) is located right across IIFT Bhavan, Qutb Institutional Area. It’s the perfect spot to enjoy evening tea with a few buttered paranthas with achaar or chutney. It’s situated near a green expanse! Oh, and it may spook you or fascinate you to know that this dhaba shares its wall with a cremation ground!

So, what are you waiting for? Drive to these food joints before the hunger drives you mad!

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