Supreme Court Lifts Ban On Firecrackers! Is Delhi Skyline ‘LIT’ Again?

The Honourable Supreme Court has lifted the ban on bursting firecrackers in Delhi-NCR! And we can’t make heads or tails of this decision. Apparently, the Supreme Court wasn’t satisfied with the argument that high pollution in the city last winters were solely due to bursting crackers.

30 Second Window:

  • Evidently, “any degree of great certainty, that the extremely poor quality of air in Delhi, in November and December 2016, was only due to the bursting firecrackers…”
  • The ban on firecrackers came at a time when Delhi’s poor air quality had risen way over the WHO standards.
  • Which makes one wonder if the ban on firecrackers came at a time when we just needed it. Since the air quality has now gotten better, the court may have taken this sudden step. Confused? You be the judge!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • A safer and healthier Diwali this year and heartfelt thanks to all who pledged to not burst crackers this year or ever!

Regardless, it is a personal choice! So, if at all you wish to burst crackers, we highly suggest you tone it down a bit!

And read the full story here. 🙂

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