The Banana Shake Mixed With Dark Rum Is Finally Here And We’re Getting Tipsy AF!

Getting a tingly feeling in your gut? You should, because banana shake infused with dark rum is real, it’s here and we’re cringing for more! And why not? Two of our favourite drinks – banana shake and rum – from childhood are getting mixed together and it’s too good to be missed out on!

30 Second Window:

  • It’s time go bananas Delhi! The Beer Cafe has a new cold brew for you to drink, make merry over and come back for more and more!
  • The Banana shake, of course, will never be the same and you? Why? Because going bananas is not just a thing for minions, it is for you too!
  • Besides, even if you don’t like drinking shakes, you must like rum! And in The Beer Cafe’s own words – “let’s just be thankful that the apes still haven’t figured out the true potential of a banana.”
  • So, if at all you’re one of those people who like getting that ‘edge on’ even early in the morning, then The Beer Cafe is the place to be! Mixed proportionately to give you the best taste, rum also will never again be the same yo!

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you head to The Beer Cafe, not for a beer this time, but to go bananas over this cool new drink that will get you tipsy and asking for more!

And while you’re driving down, do check out their Facebook page here.

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Location | Multiple Outlets Across Delhi

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