These 5 Pet Boarding Facilities In Gurgaon Are Best For Your Pet While You Vacay!

These 5 Pet Boarding Facilities In Gurgaon Are Best For Your Pet While You Vacay!

We all spend time planning the ideal vacation but all our plans come to a standstill when we realise our pets cannot stay alone!

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So, we bring you a list of home-like pet boarding facilities in Gurugram that promise to make your pet feel at home and loved while you’re travelling.

Catsville Boulevard
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Where | Valley View Estate, Gurgaon

This facility is run by cat lover Minty Sodhi and is a paradise for cats. It is cageless and allows a lot of free movement for your naughty felines. They can climb, play, jump, and cuddle all in a safe zone!

Happy Pettings
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Where | D-190, Sector 56, Sushant Lok

Happy Pettings is a home-based pet boarding service, with three adorable Labrador Retrievers called Happy, Guggu and Breezer, who ensure your pet does not fall short of company in your absence.

Alfa 11
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Where | Salapur Road, Salapur Khera Village, Palam Farms

Alfa 11 is a home-like pet boarding facility that specialises in dealing with dogs with varying personalities, and those that have trouble socialising. Alongside a home boarding facility, Alfa 11 also offers a farm boarding option, depending on what your pooch would like better.

Pawsome Paradise
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Where | Sector 23, Gurgaon

Pawsome Paradise is a home-based pet boarding service, fully managed and run by the owner, Monika herself. From feeding pets as per their individual preference to going out of her way to comfort them, Monika happily does it all, ensuring all the residents feel at home and loved.

Tail Magic
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Where | Sector 57, Sushant Lok 3

Tail Magic is a home-based dog-boarding facility in Gurugram where they offer your pets cuddles, playtime, safe socialisation, long walks, tasty food and a lot of fun.

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