These Cafes Are Giving Discount Up To 95% On Food To All 12th Board Top Scorers!

These cafes are giving discount up to 95% on food to all 12th Board top scorers

Good grades always call for a party! Well, these cafes are giving discount up to 95% on food to all 12th Board top scorers & it’s no joke ya’ll. There are cafes around town that are willing to give unlimited pizzas for just INR 500!! And now, we’re sure that you’re drooling all over your pants, so let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

30 Second Window:

  • So, to save time & patience we listed down all the places that are giving amazing discounts & free meals to students.
  • Scored a perfect 100 in any subject? Get 20% off & a dessert for the next 100 days at Cafe Indian Delight in Kirti Nagar.
  • Prankster in Gurgaon, one of the finest cafes in town is giving 95% discount on their lip smacking new pizza, Fatir Pizza!! The offer is valid till 1st June.
  • Molecule in Gurgaon is giving one of the best deals we’ve heard of in a long time! You can pig out on unlimited pizza & mocktails at just ₹500 between 12:00 pm & 06:00 pm!
  • And all of you who scored in your 80’s, tension not! We found some great deals for you too! You can chug on summer mocktails at ₹99 in Nukkad Cafe in SDA. And you can also try the Toppers Junkyard Mocktail at a 10% discount at Junkyard Cafe in CP.

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • That you show up at all these places with your marksheet in case the cafes ask for proof!

In the meanwhile you can check out more cool deals & read the full story here.

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