This Airbnb In Mumbai, 10 Mins From The Sea Is A Secret Nobody Knows Of!

Where | Perry Road, Bandra West, Mumbai

Price Per Night | INR 4,247

Book Yourself | Here

For many of us, Mumbai is a city that never sleeps. And one of the things that we absolutely love about the city is the distinct smell and sound. Even as you get off the aeroplane and step outside the airport – the smell of the sea almost always overwhelms you. And to make things better, we found a beautiful Airbnb in West Bandra that will turn all your vaca plans from amazing to extraordinary!

The Airbnb owned by Mila is a compact and tasteful room. With an ensuite bathroom, located in a split-level apartment in Bandra, a few nights here will entirely change the way you vaca! In fact, the homestay is so close to shopping arcades, restaurants and the Arabian Sea, a night or two here and you’re sorted!

Although there’s only 1 bedroom for guests to stay in, Mila’s allows her customers to chill in any other part of the house. Which means, that if your vaca goals remain incomplete without a proper sunbath. You can chill on this terrace cum, balcony under the sun. And at night, under the aegis of the moon and the stars!

Mila’s home has been tastefully built with enough space for everyone to take a nap in peace like none other! In fact, the house will easily remind you of a 5-star hotel. And the food will DEFO remind you of home. ‘Cause keeping the hospitality aside, one of the things that all her guests love is the FOOD!

So, it’s no wonder that her guests just keep coming back! And if you do visit the place, do tell us how your experience was!

Images’ Courtesy | Airbnb

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