This Bakery In Gurgaon Serves Paan & 80% Chocolate Macarons!

Where | Sector 50, Gurgaon

Price For Two | INR 500

Put your hands up – all those who cannot live without a delish plate of desserts! And while it’s that time of the year when none of us wants to get out of bed – this came as a sweet surprise to us. So, we jumped out of bed and ran down to Sector 50 to hog on macarons so good, Paan never felt better!

Queen of Tarts in Gurgaon is a brand new bakery that bags an overwhelming number of delicious desserts! The highlight being – Paan Macarons! Bagging a beautifully smooth texture on the outside with an orgasmic filling – these macarons sure are the best we’ve tried in a while!

And while the Paan ones taste better than your usual sweet paan – the filling packs a sweet little surprise. Nono, why should we tell you everything? You won’t be left gasping for more then na! But if you’re feeling disappointed that we’re unwilling to do so, get this!

They also bake 80% Chocolate Macarons – inarguably the most filling and overloaded macaron EVER!

And you should taste it too!

So, what are you waiting for? Head down to Queen of Tarts and get ready to be blown away!

Images’ Courtesy | Queen of Tarts

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