This Cafe In GTB Nagar Offers Mausi-Ki-Taang Pizza And It’s Dhasu AF!

Where | 2528, 1st Floor, Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar

Price For Two | INR 700

Oh yesssss!! The names of the pizzas alone are enough to make you jump on your beds, isn’t it? Even better, we’re sure that it made you laugh too. But, trust us, it is dhasu af and what you don’t know is what we’re about to tell ya’ll!

No Objection Cafe in Hudson Lane is just as Dilli as you! In fact, these people are so crazy that they even created a Dhasu Pizza! And no, we didn’t just describe a pizza, we just named one! And it really is Dhasu af! Filled with the goodness of cheese and some pretty serious flavour bombs, you must not ignore this pizza.

Now, going back to your Mausi ki Taang!! 😛 The pizza came as a surprise to us but the flavours it packs sang in our mouths and we just couldn’t help asking for another helping! And here’s the best part.

These guys offer the proverbial mausi ki taang 😛 both vegetarian and non-vegetarian style!

But what else can you devour here? Try their – Drums of Heaven, BBQ Chicken, Peanut Butter Shake, Paneer Stuffed Malai Tikka and pair it with a Brain Freezer Hookah!

So, don’t forget to hit No Objection Cafe when you’re in North Campus!

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