This Is Delhi’s Warmest Winter In A Decade!

While we are spending time finding new ways to keep ourselves warm in this chilly weather, the Indian Meteorological Department has announced that this is Delhi’s warmest winter in a Decade! WHAT?!

With hardly any rain, not a single ‘cold wave’ or ‘cold day’, and higher than normal average day temperatures, Delhi is currently experiencing one of its warmest winters in the past decade.

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According to the experts, this is because of lack of western disturbances and northerly winds.

Data from the Indian Meteorological Department’s (IMD) shows that while the average day temperature of January 2018 (till January 17) is the highest in 10 years, December 2017 was the second warmest December month since 2008 after December 2016.

The average day temperature of January 2018 (till January 17) was noted 21.7 degrees Celsius, the last time the average day temperature in January was so high was in the year 2009 when it touched 21.7 degrees Celsius.

When the maximum temperature falls at least 4.4 degrees below the climatic normal then it is termed as a ‘cold day’.

In December and January, Delhi usually receives around 9.4 mm and 19.3 mm of rain respectively triggered by western disturbances. But this time while there was around 7.8 mm of rain in December, it has not rained yet in January.

Moreover, most of the hills stations in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand hardly received snow.

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