This Is Noida’s Favourite Tea Shop And Will Soon Be Yours Too

This Is Noida's Favourite Tea Shop And Will Soon Be Yours Too

Where | Teasta- The Tea Shop, Sector 37, Noida

Timings | 10:30am to 9:30pm

Cost for two | Rs 200 (approx)

Winters are here and everybody is looking for new ways to keep warm. And speaking of keeping warm, what else can do that better than a hot beverage. A really old place for tea and coffee lovers in Noida, Teasta – The Tea Shop serves some delicious variety of tea and coffee.

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Located in the market for sector 37, Noida behind Army Public School, The Teas Shop is one of the first shops to have opened in that area. It is a savior for all the students, and bachelors living in Noida, as it not only serves beverages but also lip-smacking snacks and finger foods. It is a cozy little outlet, with negligible seating. You need to go there to believe that a place as small as that could be this successful. The place has an old world charm of having a quiet tea or coffee while sitting on the side benches in front of the shop.

The place is usually packed with students, young adults, and people who frequent the place after their office. The Tea Shop has quite an elaborate menu and serves over 15 flavours of beverages both hot and cold. The best beverages that they have to offer are Hazel Nut Cold Coffee, Passionfruit Iced Tea, Caribbean Coffee, Chilled Green Tea, and varieties of Chais ranging from Darjeeling tea to the delicious Grey Earl.

Their food menu is equally elaborated as the drinks menu. They serve a delectable variety of sandwiches and wraps, both veg and non-veg, and also happen to serve the best momos that The Tea Shop visitors claim to have eaten.

The interiors of the small shop are beautifully done, with fancy china, varieties of tea leaves, and teacups, and the place is well maintained and hygienic given the crowd and size if the shop.

So the next time you begin craving tea or coffee, you know where to go. Easy on the pocket not on taste.

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