This Modern Day Sun Dial In Delhi Is An Underappreciated Beauty!

Did you really think Jantar Mantar is the only sundial that Delhi boasts of? Well, here’s a slight reality check for all those who don’t travel via Barapullah all that often. There’s a tall, colourful sundial in the middle of the park at Barapullah near Sarai Kale Khan.

The sundial was established a few years back and is possibly one of those few monuments in Delhi that get overlooked. In fact, if you notice closely you’ll find that the sundial is in the same colours as those that were extensively used when CWG came to town!

So, besides marvelling at the sundial what else can you do here? Well, it is a rather chill spot and perfect for all those who wish to spend some quiet moments with friends.

Hardly anyone goes here hence if you so wish you can spend hours here chilling with friends! And the best part? It’s so close to Nizamuddin and Lajpat Nagar, that if you feel them munchies boiling up, you can easily take an auto to your favourite joints there.

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