This Place In Delhi-NCR Offers A Full Meal For Just INR 449!

This Place In Delhi-NCR Offers A Full Meal For Just INR 449!

Where | 1st Floor, Plot 36, Block H-1 A, Commercial Market, Sector 63, Noida

Price For Two | INR 950

The hunger keeps getting to us yaar! In our dreams and while we work. What to do? *nibbles on munchies*

Well, are you feeling lucky tonight? This place we offers an entire meal for INR 449! That’s like spending thoda sa money on every single dish till you collapse! Or at least until someone screams at you for overeating. And that’s just how good the food here is. 😀

Believe it or not, Filmy Flavours in Noida is a modest little food monster! Don’t feel shy of its ambience. Sure, it lives up to its name – it is quite filmy. So much so, that they even have a Salman Bhai cutout! Regardless, their food is always up to quality. Made fresh (of course, otherwise, we would be sitting ducks RN!), packed with flavours that sing in your mouth and always enough for you to grow *faaaaaatttt* 😮

It’s true, *sobs* you tend to grow fat here!! But their food is so good!!! You just want to go over there and take another scoop of chicken and paneer before cleaning the grease off with some ice cream!

Ps. they even got filmy names for all their meals! 😉 Try their – Spicy Highway Chicken Wings, Gambler Garlic Fish Finger, Sunny Leone Salsa Potato and Bang Bang Veggies in Hot Garlic Sauce among others!

Ps. we really did mean that they offer a full meal for INR 449. The only clause is that it’s an early bird offer. So, if you come before lunch starts, you’re in for a surprise!

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