This Place In Rajouri Serves Luscious Waffle Tacos Startin’ INR 150!

Where | 8, H-75, Main Market, Rajouri Garden

Price For Two | INR 300

Waffles are too good to be true, right on! But what if you could hog on Waffle Tacos, eh? You would probably start jumping in excitement just like we did!

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A good meal has all the right elements to make us drool all over our pants! But did you know, this crunchy and dessert(y) meal can sweep you off your feet? In fact, its makers – Me Waffle N More can make you melt into pieces with every bite of their delish waffle taco!

And while it comes in 5 different versions – our fave is, of course, Dark Brownie Sundae! Loaded with enough chocolate to drown you in its silky texture – the entire dish is almost ambrosial. Perfect for all those who have a hard time dealing with life without desserts! 😛

So, what are you waiting for? Drive down rn, peeps!

Ps. did you know they also serve scoops of fried ice cream pakora too? Just something worth remembering when you head down there.

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