This Street In Noida Is Every Amitian’s Favourite Hangout!

This Street In Noida Is Every Amitian's Favourite Hangout!

Evey Amitian is well aware of the fact that the campus is vegetarian. And non vegetarians can only eat so much vegetarian food before they start craving for the chicken tikkas and kebab rolls!

When there is quite a bit time on hand and craving for something chicken then the one-stop destination for every Amitian is the Balli Lane near Amity.

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This lane just opposite to Amity University’s gate number 2, and is a sweet haven for the foodie in you! You may totally rely on this lane for budgeted and delicious food.

The name Balli comes from a man who has his shack right outside gate 2. He sells the best parathe you will find anywhere in Noida. Although there are a lot of stalls surrounding Balli’s none of them is quite famous as his
But nonetheless, they sell some of the best biryanis, seekh kababs, tangri kabab with rumali roti, etc. Surrounding Balli’s shack, one can buy anything, from rolls, momos, shawarma, chowmien to chilli chicken and at pocket-friendly prices.
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Some of the food joints that are a must try there are, Hunger Strike, who serve the best Tandoori Momos in the town, Kapoor’s Balle Balle whose Shwarmas are simply to die for, Kishan Maggi Point who not just serve Maggi but also specialise in ‘ghar ka khana’ like rajma chawal and chola chawal, Kulcha King with their over 15 kinds of kulchas, and Waffle 901 because no meal is complete without dessert!
The street is always crowded here, regardless of the time or weather. This lane is actually a foodies paradise because from coffee shop to juice shop, small vendors from whom you can purchase cigarettes, a pan shop, kathi rolls, just name it!
So the next time you are near Amity, visiting a friend, remember all the amazing food options you have!
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