Top 5 Braids Every Delhite Must Flaunt This Monsoon!

Top 5 Braids Every Delhite Must Flaunt This Monsoon!

Braid is a simple hairstyle that works for all occasions and has become a trend in the recent times. Also known as plaits, this hairstyle is easy to manage and help us a lot during this humid season.

30 Second Window:

  • Monsoon is almost here and humidity is one issue everyone is facing. One is often lazy to dress up properly because of humidity. For all those who do not want to compromise the style part, here are the top 5 braid styles you can make easily within minutes and stay care free the whole day!

Standard Plait

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This style is used by almost every female at some point or the other. All you have to do is take three sections of hair and cross them altenatively that is left over middle and right over it.

Fish Tail Plait

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This style suits every face cut and goes well with Indian wear and Western wear. Fishtail Braid is woven by taking small even sections of hair like a standard braid that looks like a fishtail or a herringbone. It is advised to use a tail comb while doing this hairstyle because it is required to take small sections of hair every time for the perfect braid!

French Plait

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French braids are started by taking three small portions at the top of your head and then gradually coming to the nape by adding sections of hair to the plait. After this you can either make a bun or a regular plait as per your choice.

Waterfall Twist

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This style is not exactly a braid, all you ave to do is twist your hair. Starting on the left side, grab a two-inch section of hair from your hairline, and split it in two.Cross the piece nearest to your face over the other piece. Then, drop that other piece, and pick up a new piece of hair in its place. Just like you did in the previous step, cross the new piece on the bottom over that top piece. This is the start to your waterfall twist.Repeat these same steps, continuing your waterfall twist until you reach the back of your head. There, pin the end of the twist

Two Braids In One

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This hairstyle looks difficult but is super easy. It makes your hair look voluminous. This style is nothing but two braids smashed together. Make two braids on the same side. Layer the end of one braid over the end of the other to seamlessly combine them.Secure both braids together with an elastic. Gently tug the loops of the braids outward to make them fuller.

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  • That braids are never out of fashion and are a perfect solution to our bad hair days So go ahead and try a new look every day!!

So, are you ready to get these braids done?

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