Top 5 Handpicked Bakeries That Opened Around Delhi In 2017!

2017 brought a lot of new things into our lives, and bakeries top that list! Here is our curated list of the top 5 bakeries that opened in Delhi in 2017 and made our lives better!

Nik Bakers, Greater Kailash – 2
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A legend in Chandigarh, Nik Bakers is run by a professional Australian baker. They serve scrumptious breakfast, cakes, sandwiches, pasta and pizzas. Nik Baker’s is a trust-worthy snack stop because everything that comes out of their kitchen is yummy. This is also the go-to place for cakes – think Rainbow, KitKat or Red Velvet – Nik’s Baker’s has an impressive repertoire of baked goodies.

Maria’s Cookbook, Hauz Khas


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Maria’s Cookbook is a sweet little space tucked into Hauz Khas market that’s doing desserts, breads and coffee just the way they are meant to be. The menu is as compelling as the ambience itself. They are the first bakery in the city to get authentic chimney rolls from Hungary, along with a whole bunch of pies, cookie jars, sandwiches and other sweet and savoury treats.

Yoku Moku, Chanakyapuri
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This 70’s Japanese cookie experts opened up at Chanakyapuri and one look at their confectionery stuff and you know that a lot of magic can be whipped even with the most basic sugar-flour-eggs. The comforting smell of cookies, coupled with the sight of their well-loved Cigare cookies is all that you can ask for on the worst AND the best days!

Sparrows At Home Bakery And Cafe, Noida sec 104
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A surprise discovery in Noida, Sparrows At Home Cafe & Bakery is cosy and uses home ingredients to whip up a variety of bread, cakes and cookies. They’ve got scones, frittata, croissants, sandwiches, cupcakes and an extensive range of teas and coffee.

Cake Bake Shake, Vijay Nagar
This quaint, little bakery in Vijay Nagar has a warm, inviting ambience and cosy interiors. Cake Bake Shake has an impressive selection of baked treats on their menu, with macarons, eclairs, jar cakes and more. Dessert lovers will enjoy their crepes and waffles. You can also make your own waffle here.
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