Let These Home Bakers Add A Chocolatey Touch To Your Wedding!

How often is it said, “all you need is chocolate” and what better kind of chocolate is there than homemade chocolate, and what better to distribute with your most special wedding invitation card!

These days couples prefer to add a personal touch to their wedding invites by adding hashtags or caricatures, so why not go for the home chocolates?

We have discovered the perfect home bakers for that box of happiness with your wedding cards or even as party favours.

Choco Wishes

They are a bunch of obsessive home bakers on a chocolaty journey and offer love coated chocolates for your most important day. They have a variety of cupcakes, cookies, and muffins. You can even get the snack customized as per your convenience.

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The Chocolate Company

Divya, the master baker behind The Chocolate Company, can make anything you want. Right from chocolate biscuits, rum chocolates to the unique manilla ones (mango+vanilla). Her dark and nut chocolates are the absolute best.

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Right from traditional modaks to mini truffles, chocolates and even chocolate barks – they have it all. You should try her Coconut chocolate bricks.

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Rosarte Chocolates

Their chocolates are so delectable, it will be hard to eat just one. Our favourite is its pure caramel spread which can be a super fun option for wedding invites.

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This baker actually shows chocolate is not a word but an emotion. They have a wide range of options to choose from starting chocolate oreo pops. chocolate boxes and liquor chocolates. Our favourite is the dry fruit chocolate cup.

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So hunt down these home bakers to make your wedding even sweeter.

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