Top 7 Markets In Delhi To Pick Up Bags Worth INR 200 Or Less!

Top 7 Markets In Delhi To Pick Up Bags Worth INR 200 Or Less!

Right about now every girl would be really excited for her new college, new pals, new crowd, new clothes, new bags, a new pair of shoes. But what stops us from buying is our pocket money. We all know where would we find the clothes of our choice but sometimes we get confused from where and what kind of handbags, cotton bags and jholas to buy? To clear this confusion, this blog is going to be really helpful!

30 Second Window:

  • There are many markets in Delhi to please your satisfaction of shopping and by default, markets are also forward-looking. They are the earliest adopters of new trends: People go to an Irla Market in Mumbai or a Karol Bagh in New Delhi to discover new things and seek out the best bargains.
  • Girls, do not worry this blog is surely going to help you in finding the best and affordable handbags and jhola bags to carry in college. These are few markets where you can easily find your thing to flaunt and look ‘perfect chic’ in the new phase of your life!

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Janpath Market

This market is always lively, full of people and colours. Already famous for clothes, accessories and food. But do you know this market has a good amount of shops for beautiful bags? You can easily find the jhola bag shops in Janpath, where the range starts from Rs 100 and goes up to Rs 500. Jhola bags are of different colours, different style and they’re spacious too. Also, if you’re a leather material fan, you can easily spot the shops which keep the great range of leather bags, price does vary and it totally depends on your choice of handbags.

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Central Market, Lajpat Nagar

This market is vast and it caters everything – home decor, clothes, accessories, toiletries, cosmetics, etc. This market has shops for handbags, clutches, jhola bags, backpacks, etc. Shops like SONA Footwear, Stealitoe, Stush, KLove, etc. are specifically for footwear but do have great interest in bags. From big bags to small ones, they have every sort of bag.

Connought Place

D. Duli Chand & Bros. is located at Connaught place, opposite to Palika Bazar. D.Duli Chand’s is a Bags & Luggage Shop. Amazing quality bags at a price quite affordable compared to branded leather bags like Hidesign, Da Milano etc (Of course, they have so much variety and better finishing, but here you get what you pay for). They’re quite honest regarding which bags are faux leather and which are real. Every girl should try this shop in CP. You will surely end up buying 2 bags in a row.

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Dilli Haat, INA

Who doesn’t know about the heart of Delhi? Yes, we’re talking about Dilli Hatt – a famous spot to see Indian Culture alive with amazing stuff from every culture. It’s famous for its vibrancy, liveliness and crowd. Many tourists visit Dilli Haat to buy Indian stuff and now talking specifically about jhola bags and handbags, you will see many shops out there where you can easily spot bags for your college-goers. Little expensive on the pocket but surely we Dilli ki ladkiyan know how to bargain and adjust the prices accordingly.

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Sarojini Nagar

Sarojini Nagar Market, heaven place for every dilli ki ladki. Starting from affordable clothes to affordable handbags, it has everything. You will see many shops there in the beginning of the market and at the end for jhola bags, totes, cotton bags, canvas bags. The price range is pretty obviously very cheap. College-goers do have fixed pocket money, you can buy a jhola bag or your type of bag only for Rs. 150. Try it out and excite yourself!


For leather chappals, bags, and gorgeous junk jewellery go to the streets of Paharganj, where you’ll find plenty to choose from and for quite cheap. To take back a little bit of the hippie culture, you can grab some harem pants, T-shirts with Lord Shiva prints, and much more too. Carry your heavy books and other stuff in a very junky bag only for Rs 50 to Rs 80.

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Kamla Nagar Market

North Campus students’ favourite hang-out spot, Kamla Nagar, where you can easily view clothes, books, a kiosk for momos and other things. But let’s not forget the bags – yes, Kamla Nagar is famous for that as well. You can buy handbags from there and jhola bags as well. Thinking about the price range, so don’t worry – it starts from 200 and it goes up. There you will spot lots of variety and different types of bags.

DforDelhi Recommends:

  • These are the top markets where you can head towards to buy reasonable bags for yourself and be the head-turner in the college! When shopping becomes cheap and good we girls surely get the big grin on our face and that matters!

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