Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You Of These Delhi Neighbourhoods

Everyone swears by Delhi’s awesome hangout places and great food. But have you ever delved into the haunted places of Delhi? It’s not for the faint hearted. If you still want to visit them, Read on:

1. Delhi Cantt

Delhi cantonment road is really a terrifying place for those who have seen this eerie ghost lady. More than 100 of people have seen that lady of Delhi Cantt road and even 10-12 of them have died. The lady ghost often appears and disappears in front of the eyes of victims, those who had her experience. They felt she often tried to make them nervous and horrified. Even she knocked the door if the car and raises its speed too. Some people claim maybe that lady died in a car accident on cantt road or maybe she was a hitchhiker in her life. Anyway, everyone in that particular road is strictly advised, not to stop the vehicle if someone asks for a lift. With this strange incidence, that area becomes one of the scariest places in Delhi



2. Feroz Shah Kotla

This fort was built back in 1354 by feroz shah tughlaq.  The presence of Djinns inside the dark halls and empty corners produce an eerie vibe. Every Thursday, Locals offer milk and grains with lighting candles and incense sticks in order to please Djinns living nearby. According to them – Djinns can make one’s wish come true.



3. Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque, Mehrauli

The renowned Sufi saints Jamali and Kamali were buried in 1535. According to the visitors, voices can be heard even in the broad daylight. Jamali and Kamali aren’t the names of the ghosts, in fact, some jihns haunt this tranquil mosque. They say you could be slapped or chased by the wind if you visit this place.




4.The Ridge

The Delhi ridge, an extension of the Aravalli Hill Range in NCT of Delhi is a haunting rocky & hilly, forested area. This ridge is said to be haunted by an old british gentleman who still continues to do his official duties. The intresting part is that mobile networks don’t work here. Creepy right ?



5. House Number W-3

Yes, you got it right, a haunted house in South Delhi situated in Greater Kailash. Decades ago an old age couple was brutally murdered here and this house is said to be haunted by that couple. One can listen to sobs, cries and screams in that haunted house. A Knock on the door might be a bad idea.


6. Sanjay Van

This place has a beautiful lush green atmosphere and you might love spending time here, but what if we tell you its haunted. they say there is an eerie vibe in the atmosphere of that place. visitors have usually experienced unusual activities around the place.


7. Khooni Nadi, Rohini

This river flows across rohini & as the legend says the river has some unantural powers as it soaks the people in it and never let them come out of it, which later turns out to be suicides but somehow all of them had the same way of death.


8. Khooni Darwaza

History says. khooni darwaza is the place where three sons of bahadur shah zafar & their ghosts still haunts people. . It is also believed that during the partition riots of 1947, hundred of refugees were murdered at this place while they were proceeding towards the refugee camp at Purana Qila. Alot of killing happened at this place.


9. The Tree, Dwarka sector 9 Metro station

People often travelling in cabs have allegedly reported unusual energies slapping them and the appeareance and disappearance of a woman. (Sometimes, travelling along with the speed of their cars)



10. Lothian Cemetry

This is one of the scariest places in delhi. Since this happens to be the oldest burial grounds in Delhi it is also known for its unexplainable activities.


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