10 Most Romantic Places In Delhi you shouldn’t miss!

Malls seem drab after a few dates for few couples. And, once you have been to movies, Old Fort and India Gate, it looks like the couple gets bushed with probabilities of fresh venues for dating in Delhi. Or does it? A lot can be done while you’re out dating in Delhi. Below here are top 10 obvious and non-obvious romantic destinations of Delhi:

  1. Garden of Five Senses- Fio and Magique,

Does a walk on the garden paths stimulate you? It is not just the plush scenic beauty, but the food on sale at the dining restaurants is a complete treat! Fio offers date-perfect atmosphere. Dine at the candlelit Magique will make you fall in love all over again.



  1. Lodhi Gardens

Quite famous amongst Delhiites , the garden is perfect for couples. The gardens are clean and well-maintained. However, couples are sometimes troubled by eunuchs for quick money. So, beware!


  1. A Memorable Walk at Connaught Place

A beautiful architectural wonder of the capital, the place has plethora of plush specialties such as Wenger’s Pastry and Keventers shake.


  1. Hauz Khas Village- The Fort, Boheme and Deer Park

The countryside elegance of the Hauz Khas Fort with lake on its backdrop, makes it one of the best location for a rendezvous with your love. The Deer Park holds something very romantic for all the couples.


  1. Qutub Minar Complex

The Mehrauli’s Qutub Minar accommodates archaeological buildings, a stunning park and a beautiful Minar. Do anything you want, but please avoid writing “Hari Loves Vasudha”


  1. Parthsarathy Rocks

For die-hard lovers and loves of nature, the place is perfect for you. Decked with beautiful landscapes, one can sit with the spouses and enjoy the sunset.


  1. Paranthewali Gali

The rush of the market isn’t a stereotype location for a perfect date. But, for those whose love isn’t conventional, their date shouldn’t be either. Discovering the marketplace with your date could be awe-inspiring as it has a lot to offer like monuments and food.


  1. Delhi Haat – INA

This is one budget place to go around. The entire vibe of this place reminds you of the local shops selling stuff from around the country. Not to forget food, thios place will [provide you with all the delicacies of the country


  1. Archaelogical Park, Mehrauli

If any one of you is interested about the history of Delgi, you cannot miss this place! Decked with lots of monuments, you can unravel the history of the city while walking through the park.

  1. Potbelly Rooftop Café

Shahpur Jat has filling up with quaint and unique place for dining. The Potbelly rooftop café is a warm place where you can enjoy some good food and great moment with your date.




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