Have You Tried These 5 Unique And Delish Spinach Dishes In Delhi Yet?

Know It All In 30 Seconds

Bored of eating regular style spinach wali dishes? Or just don’t like eating hari bhari sabziyan then head over to these 5 places and savor these lip smacking ultimate and unique spinach dishes. You have to check out these drooling dishes asap!

1. Spinach and Mushroom Cannelloni

Wanna try new and exciting spinach dishes? Then try this amah-zing blend of spinach and mushroom cannelloni at your favorite place in Anand Lok at the Hip N Happenin’ place Diggin’ now!


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Where | Diggin, Anand Lok

2. Prawns and Spinach Burnt Garlic Soup

Prawns and soup a perfect amalgamation right? But what if it gets a tinch of spinach and garlic in it? An absolutely drooling combo no? Rush to Greater kailash to relish this delish soup you have ever had!

prawns and spinach soup

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Where | Drums of Heaven, GK 2

3. Spinach and Corn Dumpling

Dumplings are everyone’s fav! And what else do we need when these yummilicious dumplings come with the taste of both spinach and corn no? Excited much?


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Where | Cress Bistro, GK

4. Spinach and Corn Quiche

A baked flan or tart coupled with the goodness of spinach and corn both is a must try for all as this delectable combo with make your mouth salivate fo’sho!


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Where | Angels in My Kitchen, Defence Colony(Multiple outlets)

5. Spinach Soup

Tomato Soup, Chicken Soup, Vegetable Soup, Corn Soup and a lot more yummy-nummy soups you all must have tried. But spinach soup? Have you all tried the delish spinach soup that is both amah-zing and healthy ? No? Rush now!

spinach dishes- soup

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Where | Aka Saka,Defence Colony South Extension

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